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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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i am. sure you're watching beautiful news live from berlin the syrian government onslaught on a rebel held a mascot suburb intensifying mortars and missiles raining down on eastern ghouta without mercy killing nearly three hundred people including at least fifty children according to monitors hospitals overwhelmed struggle to cope in a besieged area home to some four hundred thousand people also coming up.
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calling for change students in the u.s. state of florida demanded tougher gun control france the government insists the law will be firm and fair but human rights groups say it will you were rude migrants rights. and this day twelve of the winter olympics and john chiang superstar skier lindsey vonn was aiming for gold in her final olympics eve washington find out whether she managed to clinch it. and more live from a billion dollar red carpet with the hotly anticipated new iranian film pig it's a comedy about vanity notices him oh and experience and then stay tuned.
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thanks for your company everyone. there are no words left the united nations children's agency describes the suffering of civilians and i rebel held suburb of damascus as beyond what words are capable of expressing with the airstrikes pounding eastern ghouta again today in the pen of monitors say more than two hundred seventy people have been killed since sunday it's not the first time has come under attack back in two thousand and thirteen the government allegedly bombed it would chemical weapons we want to warn you some of you may find the images in this next report upsetting. the stigma. for a war that's been raging for nearly seven years the images in their last shocking and no less harrowing. this boy's parents fate is unknown and most will become of his. in towns already reduced to shelves and
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a hospital still standing is completely overwhelmed. since sunday the syrian government reportedly aided by russian forces has stepped up its bombardment of this rebel on place with little regard for those who inhabit it. i say. ok. and still live fighter jets keep coming if what happened in homs in aleppo is anything to go by they won't stop until there's no one left those who survived being starved in their own homes. in the situation is getting worse and people are forced to stay underground to avoid the shelling on able to go on to the streets or
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whatever's left of them to collect or buy food. well gee leaders condemning the syrian government but that comes as little consolation to the people of eastern. actions how far more facts than just what's. going on the on the one hundred one on one. on earlier i spoke to martin millions from the aid organization care in amman jordan i began by asking him given the reports of some many casualties of hospitals in the eastern ghouta are quick to deal with the influx of seriously hurt people. to absolutely not i mean what we are witnessing is atrocious this situation and he's told that had been already difficult before at the same area that was besieged by the government forces since almost four years and the last years and has even intensive far right. we were hardly able to bring in any medication food
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so the area we're struggling the four hundred thousand people inside they were already in extremely serious situation before and now with that military escalation really broadened now that they are suffering for the people and their areas by no means equipped to deal with that make this very concrete for us describe the situation of the civilians on the ground are there shelters where they can hide what do families do when bombs start raining down on them. there's basically nowhere to go this area is to consciously anywhere it's densely populated there's no bunkers people aren't going down and the base mance if they can and. you know we have seen people the very time that there are all of this. increasing soaring nutrition and area people are not able to chase food rice we have
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seen what we've never seen before really our level of suffering you know we made it interesting to hear that is in that t.v. it's been really really devastating it's very hard to describe and really difficult to find the right words for that absolutely words do fail us but we have to continue and try to describe what's going on on the ground as you alluded to this is an area that's been under government siege for years it has also been the site of the twenty thirteen alleged chemical attack what do you fear will happen to those thousands of civilians now that the syrian government seems ready to retake the territory at any cost i mean we are afraid that something very similar will happen that we have witnessed and how that will be for that this is kind of you know only a pretty loose on the offensive to take the last thing plays that are held by the syrian rebels and syria we have a similar situation receives
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a similar kind of escalation of military no one's lowered and that it's basically kerry don't send the police you know without any regard to the civilian cost is my plan. martin you work for the organization care how much access does your organization have or aid organizations like yours have to eastern go to elf. these are what has always been like one of the most difficult areas to reach because it is to see we don't have the same level of kind of cross border existence that we have from turkey from jordan. that is simply not the case so you have to recently cross front lines and given the fact that now you know the tunnels have been closed that the checkpoints have been closed so they're actually our partners that are inside they themselves are not able to cross so the last convoy we have
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really been able to get in is already a number of months ago and i was in november and had enough food for around thirty thousand people i mean that this is not enough obviously poor for the kind of humanitarian situation the grisly scene martin milius from the it organization care in amman jordan thank you and i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. gunman have killed five police officers and an off duty soldier in an attack on a police station in south africa police said the gunman entered the building in the early morning and opened fire before stealing weapons in a vehicle the country's police minister called it a national tragedy. billy graham the man described as the most widely heard christian even jealous to in history has died at the age of ninety nine the us preacher rose to fame in the 1940's holy food revival meetings across
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the country he served as a spiritual advisor to twelve u.s. presidents and traveled to north korea on a mission on a peace mission in one thousand nine hundred two. but again in about a minute a court has sentenced a human rights activist. to another five years in jail had criticized the saudi's involvement in the yemeni civil war on twitter he's already serving a two year sentence for voicing criticism of the bahamian government on television . to france now were a controversial new migration law has been introduced as take a look at some of the issues the government is trying to tackle with this new bill france as seen in asylum seen its asylum figures surge even as the numbers of asylum seekers across the european union have been decreasing in twenty seven paris received a record one hundred thousand asylum application requests up by seventeen percent.
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compared to last year migrants have also converged in large numbers on hotspots that's paris the capital long france's southern and northern coast thousands are living in very very difficult conditions on top of that asylum procedures are very slow currently asylum seekers wait on average eleven months for a decision now let's take a look at the new bills main goals. the major goal the major goal is to speed up the asylum process from eleven to six months including the appeal time for a sound seekers who are turned down the law also includes a stricter detention rules the maximum detention time for illegal migrants pending deportation will double from forty five days to ninety five and it also imposes
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a high fines on people who illegally cross borders within europe schengen zone all right well let's talk a bit more about this new bill which has a lot of people talking in france with jake a narrow he is a journalist based in the french capital of paris good to see you jake why is this new migration bill so controversial. that's right lay low well human rights groups are calling the new measures repressive and even some lawmakers from macro's own party are critical of the bill does bill risks tarnishing france's in the edge as a bastion of human rights as you mentioned it doubles detention times ninety days shortens deadlines for asylum applications so making a little bit more difficult to get that information in on time to qualify for it imposes jail time and fines for illegal border crossings however it does make it easier for minors to get asylum that what prompted legislator legislators to
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introduce this new bill well as you mentioned france saw a record number of asylum requests last year up seventeen percent from the year before the government says the asylum system is overwhelmed and that many of the asylum requests are not qualified for asylum status that many of those migrants are rather economic migrants who should be deported back to their countries france also dismantle the callee can and known as the jungle in two thousand sixteen which was home to a very large population of unregistered migrants so that was also a factor that put quite a bit of pressure on the system but we should also remember that the number of asylum requests france received last year is still less than germany's one hundred eighty six thousand registrations which still is the highest in all of the european union what happens next is they're brought support among lawmakers allow this bill to pass. well as initially even michael has. some criticisms on the opposition and his own camp so where they're going to move forward from here is going to be
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lawmakers and officials will debate the bill as it is proposed today and revise it before sending it to the national assembly later this spree lawmakers there will then discuss the bill further and criticize it even more and try to make some negotiations to get some leeway and to modify the bill before they hold a vote so there's quite a long road ahead of negotiations but this fell it out for us jake what is this bill designed to do because already amnesty international has condemned it. that's right government says the law is fair and balanced and the interior minister argued that if france does not want to france doesn't tighten its laws that the country would attract refugees put off by stricter laws elsewhere in europe potentially risking overwhelming this is an even more and hampering its ability to operate silent in the future so while the measures might not be in line with more stringent countries it's certainly a signal to migrants that france is not the promised land of asylum jake is again
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you know a journalist based in paris france thank you. now we're going to shift our attention to the u.s. where survivors of last week's florida school shooting have marched on the state capitol to ask lawmakers to ban assault rifles like the one used to kill seventeen of their classmates around one hundred students traveled to tallahassee to protest the easy availability of firearms they met with lawmakers to make their case but they were dismayed when the legislator rebuffed a bid to ban sales of assault rifles u.s. president donald trump a vocal supporter of gun owners rights is due to meet other survivors of gun violence this evening. while since the shooting a group of students are organizing marching speaking out and one of the survivors of the florida high school shooting is louis mizen and he joins us now louis thank you very much for being with us i understand that you're on your way back from the
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state capital tallahassee where you and your classmates have been calling on lawmakers to toughen gun controls can you tell us a little bit more about what happened today. will go up really early in the morning about six am and an old beat for the steak house to build the night and if you stand if you see we must stop from the civic center sleeping through the capitol building and then we will all given different groups and those groups met with different state representatives and different state senators in all of us who spoke about a number of issues in. mental health care go to a full school safety a just you know forever on from the president of the senate to the speaker the right are you disappointed that they didn't support to some of the measures that you have been advocating. well we actually asked about that because we searched some people who are down and they said the reason they voted down was because it
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was already in subcommittee the time the shooting happened and it was in a call a comprehensive bill what they're doing of the next couple weeks is they going over because they they want to pass a bill and they got a recent everyone from democrats everyone is on board things need to change they want to pass a bill that is comprehensive and encompasses everything so they voted down the bill because they wanted to bring about a better bill that will address more of the issues that we came up to talk about so obviously going up that we were i agree they voted it down but after talking so we the reason was that point when the stand why they've done it now lou as you and your classmates have become advocates of gun safety where do you see this movement going are well obviously we took it from particle to say castle and park and some of the sort of so that in itself is phenomenal
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obviously with the march on washington on march twenty fourth so we're hoping to not just have this as a state issue but bring it up to washington d.c. we are hoping. we can make reforms in florida make it safer for kids to go to school and then have the spread across the country i mean it's really incredible to see what you guys have been able to achieve by channeling your grief this way how do you see this evolving. i think you know you can all look around with the next generation of voters and the next generation of leaders i think that the way we agree has really shown that we we will be a strong generation of leaders and that we are willing to make change we're the first real generation in columbine we've grown up with these mass shootings in school show issue and it's always a hot topic in american politics but i really believe that we can be the people who brings it up and makes politicians talk about it and hopefully bring change across
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the country or it will all be watching lewis mizen thank you so very much for talking to us. by phone right now we're going to change gears now a money laundering scandal has shaken the a funny indeed and i thank you very much leftist leaders sas his country must improve its efforts to tackle corruption the nation's third largest lender is accused of money laundering laws central bank governor. is under investigation for bribery the defense ministry sans the claims could be of this information campaign from abroad intended to roche trust in the euro zone state and influence upcoming elections now the investigation has rocked the small baltic nation which is pointing to finger and a close neighbor russia. the european central bank governing council met today with a note of absentee central bank president bill maher's from savages still embroiled in a corruption scandal and pressure is mounting on the e.c.b.
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to formulate a response for his part rimshot has maintained his innocence he's called allegations that he solicited one hundred thousand euros a month in bribes a smear campaign leveled against him by banks angered by tougher financial regulations he can't work while the probe is ongoing but he can't be fired either he's ignoring calls to resign. surely this is. not to resign today because i'm not guilty because it's the aim of mud slingers for me to resign and to prevent me from being able to defend myself i'm afraid that the legal proceedings would last for many years and i would not have a quick and fair judgment still that the e.c.b. is also being called upon to respond to a crisis snowballing not in london or in the it's facing money laundering allegations lavin commercial banking association urge the e.c.b. to help mitigate the chaos but so far the eurozone central banking authority has been quiet. everyone used to worry about the globe's
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oil reserves running out now the industry fears to malleville stocks drawing up consider will be can begin plot toying into late twenty's and thirty's as renewables take over. automotive companies around the world are betting on the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the next decades and they're not the only ones oil and gas giant b.p. is anticipating the same it predicts a one hundred fold growth in electric vehicles by twenty forty and a corresponding hit to the world's oil and gas sector b.p. forecasts continuing growth in global demand for oil and other liquid fuel in the next years but that demand is set to stop increasing after it hits one hundred ten million barrels a day in the late twenty thirty s. it's the first time b.p. has forecast a peak in the world's appetite for oil. it's not just about electric cars increased fuel efficiency in vehicles powered by internal combustion engines
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is said to offset consumption to but beyond the automotive sector other factors are set to cause demand to sag like try to regulations restricting the use of plastic as well as an expected increase in the share of renewables in the global energy mix to fourteen percent by twenty forty. four years and it acts first have been dreaming about turning the seas power into energy but so far only a few total power stations have been able to make a profit the main problem is that the generators are fixed in a sea floor that makes them expensive to install and maintain that now a british and german team has taken a new approach working backward from the idea of a ship's propeller. it's freezing outside but time to hit the water for david targets scott and his colleagues in scotland the workdays just beginning the title stream generators on
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you but will they produce enough energy targets scott has been working on the project for two years. these turbines generate electric power what special is that they are not fixed in place with this platform we can swing a turbine up out of the water we can inspect it we can see if the blades are damaged the turbine needs cleaning we can run tests on it and if completely necessary we can change our whole rotor floating tidal stream generator is one of a kind there are only a few places on the planet with tidal currents like those in call on scotland's west coast the moving water hit speeds here of up to forty kilometers per hour relentlessly driving on the water propellers this is tom it's caught on a german colleague a year ago still deep in the planning of the tidal generator the idea it floats on the surface but is anchored to the seabed with steel cables. electric power is
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transmitted through a cable and that will supply three hundred households with energy the perfect solution for the bay according to the planners they have divided the work among themselves the british team is building the steel platform kneels long as company is developing the generators under orders it specializes in ship engines like these pump jets. nearly one thousand three hundred people work for the german company. has been using his knowledge of propellers to build a lot of his team specializes in tidal energy which is relatively a new business segment for the company right now shuttle is testing with an apology narrator can withstand nonstop stresses of underwater operation in scotland he says it's the most exciting project has worked on for a long time. almost all of us are engineers so it's important for us to develop technical things it is very satisfying and also to be able to create a market maybe much like was done with wind energy twenty five years ago on the.
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back and scotland the platform is already in operation long and his colleagues are showing it to chinese investors they are interested in buying a title power station and they are impressed the platform is already producing electricity cheaper than a diesel power station its makers say but it won't be staying here very long because an island community in the philippines has purchased it. all right and not to hold the latest from the bergen film festival that played a bank year where it still lights camera action here in berlin where the international film festival is still in full swing their date of use charlotte fell some fell and scott rugs there are down at the red carpet guys probably now of course showcases movies like radar round the world and a mainstay and brand all the classic of course are iranian films tell us about this year's entry. i at this that's right this stunt at the highly anticipated new film could have just hit the red carpet behind us and then now in the well premiere
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of the film no stunts and i were lucky enough to catch the the press preview of the film so we can give you a little a view of what it's about is about a radiant director who is blacklisted in his home country and gradually one by one of his friends that i directed and killed by a serial killer and i have to say it's a very funny thing yeah that's the thing it's not what you'd expect from a want it's very very funny this director is a real fantastic image man he's he's really magic realist and uses real dreamlike imagery and and bizarre stories to a bit poor appeared deeper into the truth of iranian society but a very fun and in this case very very funny way yes and of course as well he is a thank you note here the bad another it's not his time here and that's best but i think it's his it's foolishness yeah he's yeah he's a regular here and rain in films in general are very very popular here we've had
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a number of berlin golden bear winners from iran really become a showcase for filmmakers from that country to be able to show and present films and be celebrated in a way they really can't at home all right guys thank you so very much i believe we're going to be catching up a little later on in the show you've got more for us right. yes including the world premiere of steven soderbergh's new film starring clairvoyant letter from the crown if you see the crowd a oh yes who has her has a thank you so much guys can't wait later. ok all right and we've got a programming note since the arab spring in two thousand and eleven tunisia has struggled to find stability and control terrorism all this week on conflict zone you have used them sebastian asked tunisian foreign minister says you now we where there his country can get terrorism under control and uphold democratic values especially given repeated allegations of human rights violations by the country's
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security forces if it is happening if we are sure my people and our people that they are looking to these chunk i mean sunday of trying their best to address them that mr international put it since two thousand and eleven the overwhelming majority of credible allegations of torture and other serious violations by security forces have not been independently and impartially investigated is that the sort of country that you want to preside and this is not the way i think they sat around making this stuff up the most recent loves most most of the tunisian people most of the political families in tunisia this is not the kind of country they want they want to full fledge democratic country we are proud of the she went we have already made we are not yet a democracy to be honest we are not yet a democracy we never pretended that we are full we finished. all right and you can watch the entire conflict zone area with the tunisian foreign minister online
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editor com conflict so we're going to take a quick break but we were right back. playing the city of sensory overload deli place has just about everything claims plenty of explosive clips people discoveries. and smuggling and still fascinating story plays leap into the fray claiming the below five pm included find me on the belief. we make up oh but we watch as a fix the un does but you can't we all of this in the surface of the. game want to
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take it back. for a gentle. touch. is true story if you are twenty seven. great to have you back with us you're watching the only news on leyla iraq in berlin these are our main headlines right now students of the u.s. state of florida are demanding tougher gun control laws in the wake of last week's deadly school shooting but at the state capitol lawmakers rebuffed a bit to ban sales of assault rifles. and international concern is growing at about the number of civilian deaths in syria's eastern ghouta airstrikes by pro-government forces on the seas rebel held on claims have claimed hundreds of lives this weekend. the united nations refugee agency is warning that a humanitarian disaster is about to hit congo violence erupted late last year in
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the south eastern province of tank anita it's estimated that in this area alone more than six hundred thousand people have been displaced by fighting in the past year and the conflict is to flee their homes forced to seek refuge in camps like this each with a story to tell of the file and that is destroying lives. that they beheaded people they caught tape in their stomachs removed their guts and leave them to die that's how they killing people. john key's it can be it's one of the six hundred thirty thousand congolese displaced in tank and he capri pants in the past year he says militias burned his village to the ground while among women though i had to take all my clothes off and jump into the river but i didn't have a choice i was fleeing for my life under the engine. left behind.
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the violence witnessed by so many is taking its toll with ongoing conflicts between rival militias the un refugee agency is warning the democratic republic of congo is in crisis their humanitarian disaster extraordinary proportions is about to hit the south eastern part of the democratic republic of the congress the province of duncan euchre plunges further into violence triggering spiralling displacement and human rights abuses with so many congolese now on the move the d.n.c. has earned the an enviable title of having the highest number of internally displaced people in africa and with no end to the violence in sight it's hard to imagine what lies ahead for them. while the call flick has been described as one of the bloodiest yet and it seems to go completely unnoticed ivana it is with the united nations office record nation of humanitarian affairs it's joins us now
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from the capital kinshasa mr drew more it seems like the dear c. is slipping into bloodshed again what is the situation right now. well it is a pretty dire situation all across much of east india be. on many of these provinces today posting a thousand people displaced. right now and there are about four point four million people who are displaced in the earth's east and we're only talking about east india or seas that make the the african country with the most displaced people children and women. suffering from this crisis and all of this is tied to the entire climate of insecurity and ballance have been the second becomes the full for years now i want to talk about the warring parties in just a moment before point four million people that's a staggering number can you help the people who've been chased out of their homes
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if anybody providing them with a safe haven will tell you were you when the same lane n.p.o. is on the ground the weather. whether it's been going to go floods and all the other provinces doing what we can with the means that we have last year with a pretty rough year for us because we weren't able to get as much money as one or two. we only had two percent of our needs. so yeah we were able to do what we can with what we have but clearly there needs to be mostly be done for for the people in need what happens to the displaced people where do they go. well they go into places. one thing is that a lot of them go into a whole family these are going to lead compatriots they made the actual
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distant relatives from the from the people who are displaced or they could actually be strangers or just strangers opening up their doors to help their fellow comes them and. the other option for for a lot of these places is also just setting up in spontaneous what we call spontaneous site. to a group of people. getting together and setting up in a place where they feel relatively safe and and there's also a number of people who are living in in refugee camps but in i.d.p. camps but there aren't a lot of camps in your lot of people or in forced them and and. martin and you cite can you tell us more about the warring parties and crucially is the central government planning on stepping in. well for those and when. we don't like the book
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a lot about the war important there are. concerned the earth is full of rules or some of them are or banded together a form of group and in some cases it's. petty crime the criminal would just go right in people. and basically what one of our key method of who who did can believe government is to them to do what they can to provide security and protection to the people who are doing it is it is the first rule is the first priority of the authority to provide. a safe for. environment not only for that of the bottle or for human parent but we're able to do the war don't want to do yvonne a duma from the united nations office record mission of humanitarian affairs talking to us from kinshasa thank you for spending time with us and you very much.
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are and want to turn to south africa and africa and staying in africa south africans are facing the first sales tax hike since apartheid it's put a bit of a damper on the way for hope they have been riding following president soon rama foods this takeover just last week from a scandal plagued pretty saucer that the country's finance minister my lucy gaba said raising the value added tax by a percentage point to fifteen percent was quote avoidable in the face of a recession to move comes ahead of elections next year increasing pressure on the country's ruling party to make sure the unpopular sales tax hike helps towards turning the economy around. all right but does that make turn around this course over to cape town where my colleague often held or is standing by al this was a very much heidi anticipated speech by the new president in office what did a government tackle today well they may be tackled how they are going to raise more
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money issue said they're going to increase the that and that hasn't come and that's not a very popular measure i mean the minister said look i notice is going to be a hard budget speech but we need to move for it and he basically has a gaping hole in his budgets and he says the money needs to come from somewhere else position and trade unions have been protesting already they're saying to that increase is really going to make the poor in south africa suffer was just spent more in their groceries the minister did try to give them something back as well for example he raised the social grants for the elderly erase the social roles for children but a lot of people are unhappy with this increase and that you're already pointing out of to the fact that a lot of people are unhappy about the on the other hand of course there was a lot of optimism surrounding this new president especially after our president zuma has resigned so if this budget speech hold up to that optimism could it
7:39 pm
deliver some of it. there as i think so yeah all sort of was a lot of talk again in this budget speech about tackling corruption which of course has been a big issue under president zuma so it does again kind of resonate does this new era in south africa where you can be corrupt where government officials and businesses need to to do. honest business and we have seen the consumer confidence is growing in festa confidence is growing and also to the minister of finance is saying look there are certain things we want to tackle for example they want to feel free education for university students disadvantaged students and these they want to pay for their first year and that's something that's really necessary and south africa so they're also putting things on the table also explain money for small businesses also extra money for for basic education primary education so these are things that are in the homes and necessary to build a new south africa and to give some africans and young south africans at the tools
7:40 pm
to equip them to actually better their future if you put it out some of the unfinished business what else is there on the table or should be on the table sooner or later that must be confronted in south africa other than corruption. well quite well what they definitely need to do if you look at business and economics is look at the state owned enterprises a lot of them are are suffering the electricity company is not doing well south african airways is not doing well and so debts also one thing that they said were they're going to look i need to replace the leaders they need to to clean those institutions out because that's also pressing on the budgets of south africa as well that's also one thing that's real of course that a new president has said that they're going to look at and apart from that they're really hits in hard now trying to prosecute people that are corrupt and doing major investigations and there's a lot of warrants out sending for people that have been corrupt political regimes
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so everything moving forwards and in several directions. and how they're in cape town thank you so much for your analysis and that's your business update for now but i'll be back later in the show in about two later thank you russians take to the polls next month in an election that's predicted to cement president putin's grip on power but a new campaign video and support of putin has stirred up controversy where critics calling it racist and homophobic well show from our social media desk is tracking this story and she will have more on the controversy why is this so controversial is. well let me just start by telling you what we see in that video so it starts with a russian man and his wife it's on the eve of the election and the wife tells him that she wants to wake up early on the next morning because she wants to go and vote and then the guy is being very dismissive saying why do you care about the vote it doesn't matter whether you go or not the election will take place anyway ok
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and then they go to sleep and then the man has this sort of nightmare let's just look into it so this is what's happening in his dream first of all there are soldiers knocking on his door i have a tell him that he has been drafted into the military and then he tells them but i'm fifty two years old i tell him yes at the age of conscription has been raised to sixty then he sees gay men sitting in his kitchen and then his wife explains that there is a new law which requires families to adopt a single gay man and so the guy breaks up he certified and he tells his wife that they have to go and vote in this video as moralists carrying russians into voting maybe it's also a hint that they should vote for vladimir putin because he is among other things against gay marriage and this video comes at a time when the opposition leader alex a not actually calling for a boycott of the election all right now is the video has been controversial for
7:43 pm
some of the reasons that you have outlined but talk to us specifically about inclusion. day personality what have reactions been to that. well what's interesting is that this video has gone viral lots of people commenting on it lots of people sharing it and they say ok this is funny actually if they see it as a satire they see it as a making fun of the people that are against running against of lead in your putin and so they don't take it as something serious really but then there are also critics for example we haven't seen yes check she is also running for president this year and she has posted her criticism on instagram she says that it is ok to make fun of minorities it is fun to make fun of the l g b l g b t community but she says presenting al-tikriti people as a threat in
7:44 pm
a homophobic country is no joke now the problem that we have here is that this is not an official campaign video so we don't really know where it's coming from now you say you don't really know who exactly is behind this video what do we know about the origins. well it surfaced a few days ago and it became really popular after it was posted on this facebook account so it belongs to a political analyst somebody was close to the kremlin his name is alexander. and it really went viral from there are nearly four million people have already watched it on this account alone thousands of people have shared it there are rumors that this video was maybe produced by the putin come pain but there is no proof of that at the moment but what we do know is that although putin is set to win the election on march eighteenth what he really wants is a high voter turnout because during the last election was just at sixty two percent
7:45 pm
he knows that he's going to win best if he has lots of people coming out to vote and that will just give more weight to his victory rightly so thank you. it's been an action packed day twelve of the winter olympics and matt herman from sports is here to talk all about it matt good to see you this was d.-day for lindsey vonn tell us how she did she did well she had a really great run she didn't make any mistakes which she sometimes fails to do the picks but it wasn't enough she only came in third as a bronze medal she seemed happy with it after the race she said she felt like she was going out as a winner but you know there were just two races faster than hers at least sophia got joe which was one of her main rivals heading into this competition came in first she had a an interesting run start off slow and got faster she went down and coming in second was rather moving of norway which is she was surprised i mean this was
7:46 pm
somebody who won the giant slalom last week or came in second in the giants but had never finished on a podium in a world cup downhill race so you know lindsey vonn she's still one of the icons of alpine skiing has some of the most wins in world cup history only won olympic gold medal in the downhill this was her last one thought that was. all right but tell us about that or if it ski accident or actually a clash i guess is there was a series of crashes in the ski cross the worst of them came in one of the semifinals it was a chris del bosco of canada who basically had completely misjudged his balance going off of a job and sort of started to flip over backwards and was flailing around in the air is a very you know harrowing scene for a moment he landed directly on his hip broke his pelvis and actually in the final of the race. which went to one of his fellow canadian team mates greg raymer to
7:47 pm
mark bishop of switzerland of the silver and there was another crash in the final with sergei rizieq one of the competitors actually getting up off of the snow finishing the race getting bronze and it really you know despite the medals being given out some very happy athletes resawing it was really overshadowed by how dangerous ski cross can be absolutely look very very scary i have to say all right we have to talk about this doping case there's been a follow up yes alexander crucial netsky he has a sample tested positive week he was part of the olympic athletes from russia mixed doubles curling team which took the bronze medal and that basically saw have the process being towards stripping him of metal take place he maintains his innocence he's talked to a russian t.v. here's what he said. we are very interested in the investigation on name korea and
7:48 pm
other sports life is at stake we'll do everything to find those responsible for this we are confident that we are clean. all right man you heard him he's tested positive twice tacey is innocent yeah you said it wasn't just the a sample subsequently they went to his b. sample that was also found in that said dhoni was a substance which was developed to aid blood circulation but has been used by some athletes as a performance enhancer especially russian athletes sixteen when this substance was banned the vast majority of athletes who have been found to have used have been russian among them sharp of tennis alexander ovechkin of boxing. you know it's definitely something worth looking into he will get his day in court however the court of arbitration for sport is going to try and rule on this one come tomorrow so ours here with us finally map the home fans that korea are getting behind team
7:49 pm
carly girl yes the girly girls it's a great name it's catchy it's got a funny origin they come from let's see here the city is we song and that is apparently the hotbed of growing growing in korea fans have been getting in on the act they're posting social media videos of themselves sort of acting out what their heroes have been doing the garlic girls the south korean women's national curling team they won eight out of nine matches in the round robin portion of crowing they basically have been mopping the floor with the field and you know these folks have gotten you know you know robotic vacuum cleaners out there and got their push brooms or swiffer as or whatever and they want to be like them another the strain that's going on in social media is kim jong the skip of the team she has sort of won over people's hearts with her sort of her glasses frames and her icy demeanor and there's a lot of people trying to sort of. maybe got out. and garlic with his car come from
7:50 pm
well this team comes from was song which is a region in korea which grows a lot of garlic and also happens to be one of the first regions which built a curling center about twelve years ago so they had a bit of a head start over the rest of the country and they might just want to limp a gold they're playing on the semifinals tomorrow will see i want to see how it goes her thank you so much. all right i want to take you back to the growing international film festival where my colleague charlotte tell some people and scott rockstar are on the red carpet near the red carpet and we're going to talk a little bit more about the film premiering now iranian movie entitled the pig tell us more about it. yes we are near the red carpet but on the red carpet where the stars of the film a short time ago and the iranian director of that film as well then now in the world premiere of the film pig no it was highly anticipated here at the ballot no
7:51 pm
they're not part of because it's a pretty interesting plot is about iranian director blacklisted in his home country to make any films and it's about how narcissistic he is how vain he is and surprise twist is about a serial killer so you wouldn't think that sounds like a funny movie but of a really really funny it's a comedy and this director he's been here in the building a number of times and it's really interesting because he's he's a real sort of magic realist he has incredibly fantastic imagery and uses amazing cinematic tools to give you a picture of iran that you really don't get from from the news or from political documentaries the short piece to introduce the film when we take a look. the. pig is the story of hostile to cystic film director furious that he's been blacklisted from iran's movie industry. possum's also furious that there's a serial killer decapitating iran's top filmmakers only because he isn't one of
7:52 pm
them. but you have. to. mention it. made the laughs film aficionados won't forget that some of iran's top directors really are banned from the country cinemas but pick director money huggy insists that his black comedy a contender for this year's golden bear is only parody. now guys the director money high gear was talking about the movie earlier why did he have to say. you know it's a really interesting press conference right as she got very heated so he was getting it but also a lot of questions from the media about what kind of a political message he was trying to send with the film and he basically said i
7:53 pm
don't want to talk about politics this is about my op he also said that he he didn't like the idea of iran being trade betrayed as it as a country of victims he said he just wanted to show a modern contemporary iran he actually will say address the fact that there are a lot of very strong very modern women in his film as well let's take a listen to what he had to say. what has been bothering me for a long time of a state of iranian cinema as it is seen outside iran is that it. sometimes it conforms to the specific image that audiences have of us in iran which is usually got through news media things like this again and you seem to be asking me how come there are these strong women in your film well because there are strong women in iran and i chose to show them. as opposed to conforming to this usual image that. that is presented to you of iranian women as victims
7:54 pm
no that's not how it is. all right guys what else are you looking forward to. well tonight we've got the world premiere of steven soderbergh's new film unsane notions that are probably in films like ocean's eleven and some is because he would movies but in between those movies he does smaller sort of experimental films often looking at like interesting john as this one is a horror movie about a stalker pursuing a woman who woman is played by clear for plant will you i am sure you remember from the t.v. series the crown that iconic british t.v. series that about queen elizabeth she does a stunning performance and she puts in that and we're here here and here a completely different role completely different form a slightly different way of seeing this woman i'm really compete interested to see it and it's going to have its world premiere to me as if the film is actually competing for a golden bear is not in competition nevertheless though it is still causing
7:55 pm
a bit of a buzz on the red carpet definitely all right charlotte charleston pill and scott rockstar thank you guys. thank you. all right and i just want to remind you now our main headlines that we're following for you after this hour international concern is growing about the number of civilian deaths in syria's eastern ghouta airstrikes by pro-government forces on the besieged rebel held enclave have claimed hundreds of lives and sweet and. students in the u.s. state of florida are demanding tougher gun control laws in the wake of last week's deadly school shooting at the state capitol lawmakers we buffed a bit to ban stills of assault rifles. all right you've been watching video we do use on leyla iraq and berlin on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending time with us and there's going to years in just
7:56 pm
a moment what sarah kelly and i'll see you again tomorrow. the be . the be. the best. the be. the be the be the best
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atlanta. this is g w news live from berlin and the syrian government's onslaught on a rebel held damascus suburb intensifies mortars and missiles raining down on eastern without mercy killing nearly three hundred people including at least fifty children according to monitor hospitals overwhelmed struggle to cope in a besieged area home to some four hundred thousand people. also coming up calling for change students in the united states.


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